How to Promote a Podcast: 3 Simple Strategies

How you market your podcast is just as important as all the work you do to actually create each episode.. That’s right – launching a podcast and releasing episodes isn’t enough to grow an audience! You’ll also need to strategically promote and market your pod.

It’s a little bit like growing a garden. You have to put time and attention into planting marketing seeds and tending to your growing audience. But it pays off big time in listeners!

So, let’s chat about podcast promotion and marketing strategies to set you up for success.


Your podcast is at the top of your marketing funnel 


It can attract a lot of attention and be a huge lead generator for your business! Every time you release an episode, you build relationships, authority, and brand trust with listeners. 

That’s exactly why you should build podcast promotion into your marketing plan and process from day one.

You might be thinking, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. I just wanted to share my thoughts and connect with an audience. How do I promote my podcast? Do I even need to do all this?” And I get it! Looking at your podcast as a marketing opportunity that needs a whole plan can be overwhelming. 

But it’s worth every bit of effort (and it doesn’t have to be a complicated process!)


How to promote a podcast


These are the top three strategies I recommend to my clients who want to get the word out about their podcast (and who doesn’t want that?!)

  • Show up on social media
  • Make the most of guest appearances
  • Utilize paid ads

Of course, these aren’t the ONLY ways to market your podcast. However, they’re great strategies for promoting your podcast in places your potential listeners already show up. 

Which is why they’re my favorites. 😉


Show up on social media: How do I promote my podcast episodes on social media?


Whichever social media platforms you already use are a great place to build up show awareness and listeners. If you don’t already have profiles for your pod, start with Instagram and Pinterest. You can grow into other platforms over time, after you’ve figured out the basics of hashtags, search algorithms, and community engagement with those two.


How to promote a podcast on Instagram


Stories and reels are where it’s at. Use them both to create engaging content, share sound bites, and drive traffic to full-length episodes on your website. I recommend creating a dedicated blog post with show notes for each episode, then embedding the direct link in your stories, captions, or bio.


Need ideas for post content?

  • Turn sound bites into audiograms. Make a cool graphic in Canva, then use Headliner or Buzzsprout to layer in a clip, complete with visual sound waves and captions.
  • Feature behind-the-scenes looks at your content creation process.
  • Share listener-generated content. Did a listener tag your show, create something fun using your audio, or share your latest post? Share it!
  • Post countdown stickers to promote new seasons, your return from a break, or an upcoming episode you’re excited about.

Make the most of your highlights

Why limit your story content to 24 hours of exposure? Save them to your highlights in categories like behind the scenes, episodes, and seasons.

Here are few examples from some of our fabulous podcasters:






How to promote a podcast on Pinterest


Pinterest is THE place to be if you want to boost the signal and drive traffic to your content around the internet – and that inlcudes podcasts!

Ditch the random pins and inconsistent posting and create eye-catching graphics to go along with each episode. Plan images and SEO-friendly descriptions around your content, then schedule pins ahead of time. 


Make the most of guest appearances – How do I get my podcast noticed?


This is an AH-mazing way to showcase your expertise to another podcaster with an established audience in your niche. Showing up in someone else’s podcasting space builds a different kind of authority than hosting your own show. And if people like what they hear, you’ll gain new listeners! Just make sure that the content of the podcast you’re on aligns with your message and has an overlap in target audience.


How to promote your podcast with guest appearances


  • Use a third-party platform like PodMatch (paid) or (free) to create a profile and match with other podcasters in your niche.
  • Reach out on your own. Make a list of shows to pitch yourself to and send personalized emails to each one. (Need help finding the right words? I’ve got you covered! Just scroll down to “Podcast Guest Email Templates” for my freebie.)
  • Put yourself out there. If you let people know you’re open to being a podcast guest, you might be surprised at the opportunities that open up! Add a link in your Instagram bio and market yourself in your own Instagram stories.

Ready to Pitch Yourself + Promote Your Podcast? Grab your Email Template Today!



Paid advertising – Should I pay to promote my podcast?


Organic content marketing is a big part of promoting a podcast, but it’s a longer-term strategy that can take time to get going. If you want quicker results, pay for podcast promos!

My podcast ad service of choice is Buzzsprout. You can book your promo on 5000 downloads (that’s 5000 potential new listeners) for $100, so it’s not a huge investment to get started. Plus, they deliver your ad to straight people who already enjoy podcasts in your category.


Other places to promote your podcast with paid ads:

  • Facebook: Targets users based on demographics or location
  • Google: Shows up whenever people search for specific SEO terms
  • Instagram: Makes it easy to share clips in your ad
  • TikTok: Newer than Instagram, so it can be more affordable
  • LinkedIn: Connect with a professional audience


Bonus tip: Did you know you can do podcast ad swaps with other hosts – and it’s FREE? Here’s how it works: you exchange audience exposure by each promoting the others’ show on your own podcast. Not only will a whole new audience hear about your podcast, they’ll hear about it from someone they already know, like, and trust!


Have you been wondering, “How do I promote my podcast?”


Just remember: growing your podcast audience takes a little work, but you WILL see results. Show up on social media, grab some guest spots on other podcasts, and invest in a few paid ads. Plant those little marketing seeds over time, and watch your audience grow!

Want to know more about how to promote your podcast? 

My production packages include marketing and promotion for your podcast – let’s chat about getting your podcast in front of more people.

Book a call with me now to build your growth strategy!

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