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Pinterest for Podcasters: Creative Ways to Market Your Podcast on Pinterest

Pinterest is for quick dinner recipes, the latest cute short hairstyle for summer, and DIY instructions on that festive holiday wreath you’ve told yourself you’ll make sometime. Right? Well, yes. But also, Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool for business owners! Why? Well, Pinterest is full of people who want to take action. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X, and even Threads are great for entertainment, a way to distract yourself while waiting for a doctor appt, and are great for building a digital community. However, people flock to Pinterest to TAKE ACTION. They don’t go for a laugh, they don’t go to pass the time or to build their digital community with engagement or DMs. They go to get answers, to get inspiration, and to make purchases! 

So, how does this translate to you growing your podcast? Now stay with me here because it does!


What is Pinterest?

Let’s back up a second: Pinterest is a search engine, it’s not a social media platform. It is a visual search engine that launched in 2010. It focuses on SEO (search engine optimization), keywords, appealing visuals, and providing value to readers. It started as a digital bulletin board of sorts for people to store ideas. It quickly evolved and changed into a powerful marketing tool for businesses, and a place to get answers. It’s used by over 460 million people worldwide a month. Pinners love Pinterest because it’s a positive space. It’s constantly evolving and has zero tolerance for harmful, hateful, and shame-based information. In recent years they even put a ban on weight loss ads to help with promoting healthy bodies and healthy body images. 


Pinterest for a Business? 

Yes, you can use Pinterest as a business owner. A Pinterest Business Account is different than a personal account. No, you cannot use your personal account for your business. The goal of your business account should be well, just your business. Pinterest is a search engine (as I mentioned above) and it focuses on what you’re publishing and saving. So if you save personal pins on your business account, it’s going to be confused about what your content is, and what your niche is. You can create a business account for free on Pinteret’s Home Page


Pinterest for Podcasters 

Okay, so what’s the connection here? It’s simple Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool, right? Well if you want to increase your podcast marketing, Pinterest is the way to go! It’s a passive marketing tool that allows business owners to have their episodes, freebies, and landing pages being promoted to a worldwide audience, for years to come. Yes, years. Pinterest pins last for up to 4 years! 1 pin can send you business for 4 years. Now times that by publishing 1 pin a day, and think about all that promotion! 

So yes, don’t sleep on Pinterest as a marketing tool. It doesn’t require you to dance, reply to DM’s to make stories, or use trending sounds. It just wants your content published on your page consistently. 


How can I promote my podcast with Pinterest?

Great question! I recommend a couple of things. First, ensure you have a blog post that is focused on your episode. This can be an elongated version of your episode notes, a transcript (with SEO) or you just elaborating on the topic. Either way, it should be long-form content that is rich with help for your audience. Remember the audience on Pinterest wants answers; make sure you give it to them! 

Once you have your blog post, be sure to embed your podcast episode on the page. This helps them listen to the episode, follow your podcast, and listen for episodes to come! You can even include a link to a freebie, services page, or landing page for email sign-ups

Grow your email list with Pinterest!

Once this is ready to go, you can create a Pinterest pin to promote this blog post. On average creating a week’s worth of pins can take about 1-2 hours for most business owners. Compare this to the average spent on social media which can range from 3-7 hours a week. 


How do I make a pin?

There are several ways to make a pin. The easiest (and fastest way) is to open a free Canva account, use one of their templates and input your images, and text. Be sure to include your URL or business logo on the pin. Once it’s done title the file as an SEO keyword from Pinterest. Download the image and upload it to Pinterest. 

Things to include:

  • Keywords in sentences for your Pin Description, do not paste keywords one after the other. 
  • A URL to your website (not your home page, do a blog post!)
  • A catchy title that includes the Pinterest Keyword you want to rank for
  • Save it to a relevant Pinterest Board
  • A CTA (call to action) to encourage people to click your pin
  • Create a catchy title on your pin that encourages readers to want to know more!

Pinterest includes a free scheduler in its business tools. You can use this to schedule a pin a day for a month. Be sure to space out your URL’s do not have the same one on back-to-back days.


pinterest native scheduler screen shot showing schedule pin option


Simple Pinterest Tips & Tricks to help you get started!

Here are a couple of tips and tricks to keep in mind!

  • It’s a search engine, so it takes time for growth (6+ months for new accounts). 
  • You need to be consistent; post 1 pin a day.
  • Do not spam Pinterest  – ensure each pin looks different (pin image) and your description is unique.
  • Use the free analytics tool to understand what’s working well.
  • Use the Pinterest search bar to find keywords.
  • Use Pinterest Templates to save time! 
  • Go slow; don’t try to tackle making each individual podcast episode a blog post in 1 day. Highlight the podcasts that really provide a lot of value to your ideal audience, start there, and then expand outwards. 
  • Work with a copywriter if you’re not sure how to create SEO blog posts

Pinterest is a passive sustainable marketing tool that is often underutilized. It’s a great way to get your IDEAL audience right to your content. You provide them value, really wow them and then they join into your world. This can all happen while you’re on vacation, sleeping, or running around doing errands. It’s not a place that promotes burnout with non-stop posting and feeling the need to “show up” often. It’s sustainable for business owners, and is a great way to grow your podcast viewership! So what are you waiting for? 


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  • Alex is a dedicated Pinterest Manager since 2020, with a passion for helping businesses succeed on the platform. When she's not optimizing Pinterest strategies, she enjoys quality time with her two cats, indulging in tea, and unwinding with a good book. With a background in Student Affairs and a commitment to continuous learning, Alex provides data-driven solutions to help businesses thrive and grow.

  • Alex is a dedicated Pinterest Manager since 2020, with a passion for helping businesses succeed on the platform. When she's not optimizing Pinterest strate...

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