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How to Use Private Podcasts to Build Value

Even if you haven’t added a public podcast to your business ecosystem yet, there’s another way to use podcasting to your marketing advantage. Private podcasting can elevate your brand, but they’re also a multi-faceted tool that should be in everyone’s marketing toolbox. Private podcasts can be used for SO many different things in your business, and it’s a breeze to add an audio element to add additional accessibility and usability to things you’re already doing for your business. Stick around because today, we’re talking about how to use private podcasts to build value for potential clients, team members, and students.


What is a private podcast?

While most podcasts are available to the public via listening apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher, private podcasts work a bit differently. You won’t be able to find them through a regular search in podcast listening apps because they aren’t available on public RSS feeds like a podcast made for broader release. To listen to a private podcast, listeners must have a direct link from the creator. 


Why use Private Podcasts?

Since private podcasts are exclusive and hidden from public feeds, they’re perfect for reaching a limited and specific audience. If you want to make audio information available conveniently and securely, a private podcast is the way to go! It’s pretty standard for people to use private podcasts to monetize their podcasts with an exclusive membership model (and I co-host The Podcast Effect, a private podcast that will help you do exactly that!) But that’s not the only thing you can do. There are myriad ways to use private podcasts to market offerings, add value to existing products, or communicate with your team.


How to use Private Podcasts to Build Value

One of the reasons podcasts are so popular is because they’re incredibly convenient to listen to, no matter where you are or what else you’re doing. In contrast, so many of the other tools we use in our businesses – like lead magnets, Zoom meetings, and online course videos – require you to settle in and give your full attention to a computer. Switching those things up by adding a private podcast opens up a whole new world of convenience. Plus, 80% of listeners listen to all or most of every podcast episode they start. Having that kind of attention from your ideal audience makes podcasting marketing gold! And private podcasting allows you to exclusively create content and add value for even more targeted audiences. Let’s discuss ways you can use private podcasts to get creative with presenting information to clients and team members.


Making content accessible to visually impaired people

Most of our online content is visually oriented, which isn’t the best fit for every client. Use private podcasts to convert your content into audio format for those who need an alternative to typical on-screen presentations.


Create an audio lead magnet

It’s time for all of us to start thinking outside of the usual PDFs and email marketing freebies! You could replace a traditional lead magnet with a private podcast or add audio instructions to an existing freebie. Letting people hear your own words in your own voice gives you the opportunity to show your personality and build a stronger connection with potential clients. If you want to see how this works in action, take my Podcast Personality Quiz – the results are given as a private podcast!


Ipad Mockup of Podcast Personality Quiz from Leah Bryant Co.

Add audio-only options for course content

Let’s be honest: whenever you work at a computer all day, sometimes the last thing you want to do is sit in front of the computer for hours to watch online course content. Your students feel the same way! Why not turn the audio from course videos into a private podcast, so students can listen while washing dishes, folding laundry, or taking a walk? Having an alternative way to complete each module encourages course completion, which in turn elevates student satisfaction and success rates.


Swap webinars for a private podcast

If someone can’t make it to your live webinar, it can be tough to get them to watch the replay (and then you miss out on a huge marketing opportunity!) If you’d like to improve webinar watchability and extend your marketing reach beyond people who can show up live, try offering the replay as a private podcast. People are more likely to show up and make it through your entire webinar if all they have to do is listen!


Create a private podcast for your summit or bonus

Most online business owners (especially if you offer coaching or consulting services) already have a short presentation that people would love to hear. Why not record a short private podcast, then add it to your summit presentation, or as a bonus for your next launch? 


Record a Boot Camp Companion

Boot Camps are intense and require a lot of student support and encouragement. You’ll need to give students thorough instructions, help them work on their mindset, and coach them through common problems as they work their way through the camp. However, you don’t have to do all those things live! You can easily create private podcasts that will encourage students, give them a daily recap, or keep them in the loop about what to expect.


Convert group coaching calls into podcasts

So many coaches and creators offer group coaching as part of a mastermind, membership, or online course. The problem is that not everyone can take full advantage of meeting times or find time to watch video playbacks of each session – and then they’re left feeling like they’re missing out on part of the value they’ve paid for. While it might be challenging for students to find time to attend the session or watch a video, it’s usually easier to listen to an audio playback. Pull the audio from coaching sessions into a private podcast to make it more convenient for students to listen to what they missed.


Offer a pop-up podcast as a promo

I love using pop-up podcasts to promote a launch or bundle! Here’s how it works: create a short series of private podcasts related to your upcoming offer, then release them for a limited period of time leading up to the sales window to build excitement and take listeners on a pre-launch customer journey that will boost conversions.


Tackle buyer objections

Offer a bonus quick-start guide or audio FAQ to address the common issues that hold people back from purchasing your product. You could even offer a free mini-audio course, so students can get a preview of course material and experience how convenient it is to complete modules on audio vs. video. Also, when potential clients hear you explain things in your own voice, it humanizes your brand and builds know, like, and trust!


Deliver team training and updates

Forget about finding a Zoom meeting time that works for everyone on your team – you can easily keep everyone in the loop with private podcasts! This works so well for everything from onboarding and remote training to updating everyone on launch stats for the day. Each team member can listen on their own schedule and as many times as needed.


Onboard new clients

Most of us have questionnaires or “homework” we ask clients to do before each meeting or VIP day. Private podcasts make it possible to be high-touch with clients and walk them through your thinking and processes without waiting until your next meeting. Send the audio along with any pre-work you ask clients to do – they’ll appreciate the extra attention and guidance!


Turn virtually any video content in your business into audio

By now, you probably get the idea! Anything in your business that already exists as video can easily be turned into private podcast audio to add value to customers and give them a flexible option for consuming content. You don’t even have to create new recordings – just upload your videos to Hello Audio – they’ll pull the audio for you so you can easily create a private podcast!  Then, embed the private audio links into your marketing and client-facing materials or send them directly to customers.


Ready to bring more value to your customers with private podcasts?

Adding private podcast audio to your existing offerings expands customer accessibility and provides brand-building opportunities that foster know, like, and trust. Not to mention, it also adds value to your marketing efforts and client experience! 


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