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podcasterw at desk review podcast metrics

9 Podcast Metrics that Matter More than Downloads

When it comes to digging into podcast metrics, most people zoom right into focusing on download numbers. But downloads aren’t the only podcast metrics that matter!  That said, I totally get why people fixate on that number! It’s readily available from pretty much any podcast ...
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podcaster using mic to record a podcast episode with the best sounding podcast audio

How to Get the Best Sounding Podcast Audio

Want to hear all my secrets for getting the best-sounding podcast audio? It all starts with a decent-quality microphone! However, if you buy any ol’ microphone, set it up on your desk, and start recording, you might find that your podcast sound quality is…a little ...
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business owner planning podcast launch at desk in home office

The Secret to a Successful Podcast Launch

Wondering how to make sure you have a successful podcast launch? You’re not alone! Everyone who launches a podcast wants it to be a success. But if you haven’t put in the work to put together a full podcast launch strategy, how can you even ...
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business owner at home listening to a private podcast

Why You Need a Private Podcast in Your Marketing Plan

The online business world is always evolving, and private podcasting is an up-and-coming trend that should definitely be on your radar! For service-based business owners (especially coaches and consultants), private podcasts are a game-changer.  These days, we’re all a little overwhelmed by PDF after PDF, ...
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guest podcasting on podcast, entrepreneur at home preparing mic before interview

Boost Your Marketing Plan with Guest Podcasting

Whether or not you’ve started your own podcast, you can still tap into the marketing power of podcasts. The secret sauce? Guest podcasting! Being a podcast guest is a low-stakes, high-impact way to get into the podcasting game. When you record a podcast as a ...
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business owner preparing to record a solo podcast episode

How to Record Solo Podcast Episodes

Even though you might think of podcasting as a conversation, that doesn't mean podcasts always have to include more than one person. Hosting solo podcast episodes is a more straightforward way to produce a podcast without worrying about booking a co-host or guest interviews. It’s ...
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online coach in blue blouse listening to successful podcast while writing at desk

9 Ways to Have a Successful Podcast

You work too hard on putting your podcast out in the world for no one to ever hear it! The good news is that you can do plenty to increase the odds that your podcast will make it to listeners’ ears. If you’re wondering how ...
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podcaster tuning into private podcast at desk with rose headphones

How to Use Private Podcasts to Build Value

Even if you haven’t added a public podcast to your business ecosystem yet, there’s another way to use podcasting to your marketing advantage. Private podcasting can elevate your brand, but they’re also a multi-faceted tool that should be in everyone’s marketing toolbox. Private podcasts can ...
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two podcasters working on podcast storytelling at desk

8 Ways Podcast Storytelling Can Grow Your Brand

Are you looking for a way to send podcast listener engagement through the roof? Then it’s time to tap into the power of storytelling in podcasts. I know what you’re thinking – Leah, I’m not a storyteller; I’m a business owner who wants to expand ...
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business owner making sense of podcast measurements and downloads

Making Sense of Podcast Measurements and Downloads

Have you ever looked up your podcast downloads and found yourself wondering what they mean for your success? Are your numbers even good?! Join us as we delve deep  into the world of podcast measurement to demystify podcast download numbers, the factors that influence them, ...
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