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desktop showing podcast mic and pinterest for podcasters from Alex Jean

Pinterest for Podcasters: Creative Ways to Market Your Podcast on Pinterest

Pinterest is for quick dinner recipes, the latest cute short hairstyle for summer, and DIY instructions on that festive holiday wreath you’ve told yourself you’ll make sometime. Right? Well, yes. But also, Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool for business owners! Why? Well, Pinterest is ...
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An overhead shot of co-host of The Simple & Smart SEO Show podcast and case study copywriter, Brittany Herzberg, wearing a white sweater & typing on her laptop with a podcast mic next to her.

Case Study Marketing Strategy for Podcasts

Nothing creates connection quite like a case study. There’s the bonding between the reader and the “guide.” And then the reader and the “case study subject.” Everyone is getting to know each other, forming attachments over business things, personal things, or just—life things! Kinda sounds ...
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How- to Use Your Resource Page to Monetize Your Podcast

How to Use Your Resource Page to Monetize Your Podcast

Podcasting is an incredible tool to add to your business toolbox, opening up opportunities to share your expertise with others and connect with an entirely new audience. Adding a podcast to your business ecosystem builds expertise, brand recognition, and connection with ideal clients. But there’s ...
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Scaling Your Business Authentically Using Lean Processes & Systems

Featured By: Brooke Scott, MBA Having systems that support your business during the scaling phase is what can make or break the cohesiveness and movement of your business when you’re making that jump to the next level.    After working with plenty of women entrepreneurs ...
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