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What Does a Podcast Producer Do?

Podcasting is one of THE BEST things to add to your business ecosystem to broaden your audience and get in front of those hard-to-reach people. But if you already have a podcast (or you're thinking about launching one), you've probably already found out there's a lot more to podcasting than pressing record. Here's just a sampling of all the *other* things that come along with hosting a podcast…

  • Guest management
  • Post-production
  • Show notes
  • Social media assets
  • Episode planning

…and those things will happen on repeat as long as you have a podcast!

Have you ever wondered who takes care of all that stuff and makes sure things happen smoothly and on time? That would be podcast producers! They have a vital role in podcasting, managing every step of the journey from pre-production to distribution and promotion.  

Having an organized workflow makes all those little to-dos that come along with podcasting more manageable. Let's take a closer look into the roles of a podcast producer, if you need one, and how to fill this all-important spot on your podcasting team.


So, what does a podcast producer do, anyway?

A podcast producer acts as the driving force behind every stage of your podcast's lifecycle. They spend their time behind the scenes, making sure all the production pieces are in place (so you can spend a lot less time stressing out and trying to remember all the things, all the time). 

You can think of them as a maestro who's conducting the entire orchestra of your podcast's moving parts. Let's take a closer look at the podcast producer's role throughout the production process.

Pre-production tasks

In the pre-production phase, a podcast producer will dive in to help you with everything that happens before the moment you hit record. That might look like brainstorming and conceptualizing your podcast, mapping out episode topics, finding guests, and creating a recording schedule that works for everyone on the team. In other words, they assemble a podcasting dream team that will take care of the fine-tuned details, so you can spend your time on air and working in your zone of genius. Sometimes a podcast producer will come with a ready-made team of professionals who specialize in podcasting-related tasks like editing, social media, Pinterest, and copywriting (that's what we do at Leah Bryant Co.!)


Production tasks

Working out the technical details to record quality audio can be one of the most stressful parts of podcasting, and podcast producers take care of that for you. They'll coordinate with guests and team members to check out everyone's audio levels, make sure equipment is functioning correctly, and give everyone the green light to record. I set up virtual private studios for my clients, then sit in on each recording session to oversee the process, note key moments, and make editing notes (that's my favorite part of the process!) 


Post-production tasks

Post-production can be a whirlwind, especially since there's a limited turnaround time to polish raw recordings into a finished product. There's a lot to do between editing, uploading, and marketing each episode – and podcast producers manage all of it! They work with editors to ensure everything sounds fantastic, copywriters who craft episode descriptions and show notes, and social media managers to get the word out about each new release. Once everything is edited and prepped for publication, podcast producers dot the i's and cross the t's on uploading episodes, posting everything to your website, and marketing everywhere from Instagram to Pinterest…and all you have to do is record it! 


Boosting podcast growth and development

Running your production process like a well-oiled machine is the bulk of a podcast producer's job, but they also play a significant role in your podcast's overall growth and success. They'll watch analytics, take stock of listener feedback and suggest strategic changes, help cast the creative vision of the podcast, and keep you up-to-date with trends in your niche.


Do you need a podcast producer?

Now, you might be wondering, “Do I really need a podcast producer? Can't I just do those things myself?” And, yes, it is definitely possible for a host to self-manage the production process. However, it can get pretty overwhelming – and fast! Usually, people start a podcast to grow their business and share more about their expertise. Podcast production is a fair amount of work on its own, and in reality, we all have limited bandwidth. When you're already trucking along at full speed in your business, self-managing and editing your podcast can have you on the verge of burnout or podfade. 


Whether or not you need a podcast producer depends on how much of the production work you can do on your own. Hiring a podcast producer takes all that work off your shoulders and hands it over to a professional who can ultimately help your podcast be more successful. If you'd rather focus on doing more of the things you're already good at (and not sharpening your podcast management skills), then a podcast producer is for you! 


What to Look for in a Podcast Producer

Have I convinced you to hire a podcast producer yet? 😉 If so, let's talk about the ins and outs of what kind of qualities you're looking for. After all, they're going to have a significant hand in the success of your podcast, so it's worth getting things right! First, look for a producer with a proven track record in podcasting. Ask to listen to podcasts they've worked on and note the sound quality and overall feel of those shows. Good communication skills are always a plus since they'll work closely with you and represent you to podcast guests. Pay special attention to their personality and working style – getting into a good workflow is much easier if you get along well and have similar expectations.


Questions to ask your potential podcast producer

During the interview, you should ask a few key questions to get a feel for a producer's work experience, process, and communication style. Here are a few specific questions to get the ball rolling:

  • What previous experience do you have in podcast production? This question will help you understand their background and skills, and it's always helpful to know if they've worked with podcasters in a similar niche to yours. 
  • Can you provide examples of podcasts you've produced? It's nice to see (or rather, hear) a producer's past work and get a sampling of its overall quality.
  • How do you handle the production process? This will give you a better understanding of their organizational aptitude and how they manage their workflow.
  • What strategies do you suggest for marketing my podcast? Their answer can tell you a lot about how they plan to help your podcast grow!
  • How do you measure the success of a podcast episode? Some producers have different approaches – their answers will tell you how results-driven they are and how they define success.


Ready to hire a podcast producer?

Podcasting can be an incredible addition to your brand, but it doesn't have to take over your workload. What does a podcast producer do? They work with their team to take care of alllll those production tasks so you can have more time for the things you LOVE doing – not on figuring out how to manage your podcast on top of everything else.


Ready to explore what a podcast producer can do for you? Book a call with us today, and let's chat about how we can bring your podcast vision to life!


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