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3 Simple Strategies for Better Podcast SEO

Do you already have a podcast and feel like it's missing something? That something is probably a good old-fashioned podcast SEO strategy! Even if you're in the early phases of starting a new podcast, there's no time like the present to lay out some strategies ...
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What Does a Podcast Producer Do?

Podcasting is one of THE BEST things to add to your business ecosystem to broaden your audience and get in front of those hard-to-reach people. But if you already have a podcast (or you're thinking about launching one), you've probably already found out there's a ...
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Difference Between a Podcast Producer and Editor

The Difference Between a Podcast Producer and Editor? 5 Ways To Tell!

Podcast producers, editors, and hosts…oh my! You probably already know what a podcast host’s job is - maybe you are even one yourself. But have you ever found yourself scratching your head and trying to figure out the difference between a podcast producer and editor? ...
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Shownotes vs. Episode Descriptions | A Comprehensive Comparison

There are over 2 million podcasts on the market and over 48 million podcast episodes out in the world. So, with those kinds of numbers, how do you stand out from the crowd and draw new audiences to your podcast? Podcast show notes and episode ...
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Scaling Your Business Authentically Using Lean Processes & Systems

Featured By: Brooke Scott, MBA Having systems that support your business during the scaling phase is what can make or break the cohesiveness and movement of your business when you’re making that jump to the next level.    After working with plenty of women entrepreneurs ...
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5 Benefits of YouTube for Your Podcast

If you've been happily working in your podcasting zone of genius and assuming that YouTube isn't for you, think again! It's a common mistake for podcasters to assume that YouTube isn't "their thing" since podcasts deal in audio content and YouTube relies on video.   ...
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The Must-Have Podcast Equipment You Need Before Launching Your Podcast

Let’s discuss the must-have podcast equipment and best podcast gear for beginners. Of course, you could dive right into your podcast without getting any equipment…but I wouldn’t recommend it! You don’t have to spend a zillion dollars, but investing in some quality equipment from the ...
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4 Powerful Benefits of Using Pinterest for Your Podcast

Pinterest for your podcast? I know what you're thinking: "Leah, what does a podcast have in common with a site I use to collect ideas for recipes, DIY projects, and inspo for my kid's birthday party?" A whole lot, actually! Over the past few years, ...
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5 Strategies to Increase Podcast Engagement

Almost 60% of podcasters say that building an audience is one of their top challenges, and increasing podcast engagement is one of the most surefire ways to build a consistent audience. When your ultimate goal is to create a podcast that people can't stop listening ...
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Tips for Managing Your Podcast Production Workflow

Did you know that part of the recipe for a successful podcast has nothing to do with the topics or guests? If you want to consistently show up with episodes that connect with your ideal listeners and grow an audience, nailing down a well-planned podcast ...
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